*Madison Police Precinct / Crime Lab

Written by Super User
on 20 January 2014

Madison, Tennessee

The Madison Police Precinct & Crime Lab opened its doors in 2014 providing additional services to the metro area that are critical for safety and security.  Now many of the services provided for DNA, Toxicology, and other crime lab functions are out-sourced which has an impact on processing time.  According to Chief Steve Anderson "it's going to bring to us a whole new world, especially the DNA testing and gives us the ability to service Nashville in a way that it's never been serviced before." 

The police precinct and crime lab are located on the first and second floors respectively, with each floor having around 40,000 s.f.  The crime lab will consist of the DNA, Toxicology, Drug Identification, Latent Print, TIS, forensic analysis of guns and bullets utilizing a second floor firing range and tank.